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We are here to work for YOU!

Professional Land Surveyors perform Professional Services for the public. Our services do not just extend to the client requesting the survey, but also to protect the welfare of the adjoiners as well!

Client First

From the moment you call and even after the survey is done with questions afterwards, we are here to help YOU! Call or email and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Our Vision & Mission

Using our expertise and latest technology, provide you with clear and timely delivered product!

Project Planning

Not sure what kind of survey you need? We will ask YOU why you think you need a survey, what will meet your needs, and help every step of the way!

Detail Oriented

No matter the size, big or small, we will put as much time and energy into the project to make sure we have not overlooked any detail and deliver a product we are confident in!

Our Team

Our Expert Team

Nolan R. Mark, PS
Owner - Professional Land Surveyor
Shannon Mark
Owner - Office Manager
Brian Wiedemann
Survey Technician
Brandon Crim
Instrument Operator
Kristin Smith
Office & Marketing Assistant
Dalton Farmer
Surveyor In Training (SIT)

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On The Mark is licensed in Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. We are willing to travel throughout any of these states!

Every project is unique. There is no set price for a type of service or size. We evaluate each site as it comes in and give a price for what it will take us to complete the project!

We do not come out and simply flag corners. Each survey complies with the state laws set out to perform a boundary survey.

While a surveyor can perform a line survey, the amount of work to determine that one line is just the same as the whole parcel. On The Mark does not do single line surveys.