Service Category: Engineer

Topographic surveys are required by many local government bodies to measure and map the shape, contour and location of land features and man-made objects on the surface of the land and below bodies of water. Together with a boundary survey, topographic surveys are used by architects and engineers to create accurate and appropriate designs based on existing conditions.

Route surveying includes the field and office work required to plan, design, and lay out any “long and narrow” transportation facility. These jobs may be for roadways, railroads, levees and more!

Construction surveyors make measurements and recommendations to engineers, architects and other professionals at all stages of construction. A few items that may be laid out or staked include: utilities, roads, buildings and much more! After projects complete, surveyors come back and verify the locations verse the plans.

While other surveys provide details about the parcel of land itself, an as-built survey provides details about structures being built or recently completed upon the property. As-built surveys can be ordered at various phases of larger building projects to ensure construction is progressing according to plan, but a final as-built survey will be needed to verify completed work and ensure that the structure satisfies requirements of local government authorities.